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Message from the Office of the Chief Dental Officer

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Dental uplift
commenting on the uplift: The Deputy Chair - Peter Crooks commented that a long pay restraint has taken its toll and the profession will be reluctant to return to recommendations that fail to reflect the cost of living.
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New S.O.P
a phased transition for dental practices towards the resumption of the full range of dental provision
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Fit testing face masks - update
There has been a new update provided by the Health & Safety Executive regarding Fit Testing. Please see link below
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Tam Bekele


Welcome to the Website of the East London & The City Local Dental Committee.

Our Mission:

We are committed  to be  a source of support, advice and reference for all dentists in Newham, City and Hackney and Tower Hamlets area.

LDC will have an important role in the foreseeable future, not only in holding Commissioners to account but also in acting as a bridge between the profession and the Commissioning Board

Please note that the price of freedom is eternal vigilance. It is extremely important that as your representative organisation we have your version of what is happening on the ground, as information sharing by the authority is variable.

In the run up to the implementation of the new reform contract we have a huge opportunity to ensure that the local dental agenda is properly set. Please  don’t hesitate to let the office know about anything that your PCT is introducing that you do not feel comfortable about it.We can take it up with them on your behalf.

What is the LDC?

The  Committee is a statutory body representing in the main General Dental Practitioners,(GDPs) based in area  of  the London boroughs of Newham, City & Hackney and  Tower Hamlets. Other may be co-opted to represent  special groups.

As the local representative committee for independent Dental practitioners, the LDC has the statutory right to be consulted by the Health Authority on issues  relating to the dental profession including negotiations around Personal Dental Services .

The LDC is an independent body paid for by GDPs themselves via a compulsory Statutory Levy deducted at source. Expenditure of this Levy is restricted to administration of the Committee and may not be used for anything else. In addition, GDPs are asked to contribute to a Voluntary Levy, which is used to finance such events as  LDC Annual Conference , British Dental Guilds etc

The main function of the Committee is to represent and support General Dental Practitioners (GDPs);ensuring GDPs are properly valued, and their skills properly utilised; that, whilst serving the public, they are able to uphold appropriate standards of practice.

The membership of the Committee will be drawn from the following particular boroughs : -

London borough of Newham
London borough of Tower Hamlets /> London borough of City & Hackney /p>

Any dental practitioner working in East London & The City  is welcome to attend meetings with the prior notification being made to the Secretary and subsequent consent of the Chairman.

Meetings are held in two parts. The first half being that of the Extended Committee, this is where LDC members, Consultant in Dental Public Health, Dental Practice Adviser, PCT Dental Leads, Shared Services Agency, Dental Hospital & School, Postgraduate Education, Personal Dental Services and other guests sit to debate local and national issues affecting dentistry.

The second half of the meeting, is open to the elected memebera of  the Local Dental Committee only.

Further information:

For further information on PCTs please visit www.doh.gov.uk/pricare/pcts.htm

Secretariat Office -

Abbey Road Health Centre, 

28A Abbey Road, Stratford, London E15 3LT   

Tel: 0208 5555 800